A YouTube creator with 10 million subscribers on what he considers a successful click-through rate and watch time for his videos

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A YouTube creator with 10 million subscribers on what he considers a successful click-through rate and watch time for his videos

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Preston Arsement, commonly known as ” Preston” online, grew his digital YouTube brand into a full-time business, hiring 24 people to help him.

Arsement has diversified his business through an in-house merchandise line and has several investments in areas like real estate and game development. But he has 10 million subscribers on YouTube and still relies heavily on the video platform for his overall success.

“If YouTube dies, the blood is going to be cut off from the merch line and the brands that we work with, so it’s very important for us to understand our metrics,” Arsement said.

On average, Preston’s content aims to get 55% to 60% watch time, and a 20-minute video needs to get about 12 minutes of watch time to be considered successful, he said.

“If that watch time is below 40%, usually we know to stay away from that content, or look into if there is something else going on,” he said. “We want to make sure a video is engaging and entertaining – and if a brand sponsors that video, we want to make sure that is being viewed for a long time.”

Click-through rate, or the percentage of users that saw the video and clicked on it, is based off of the impressions on a video. This is also an important metric used to gauge a channel’s success, Arsement said.

“If you want to be in the top, of the top for YouTubers, you should be getting anywhere for 10 to 15% CTR, sometimes higher,” he said.

For his wife Briana’s YouTube video titled, ” I Built A Giant Underwater Lego House! – Challenge” with 3.5 million views, the team spent 45 minutes on creating just the thumbnail image to maximize its CTR.


Overall, this video had a high CTR of 19.8%, meaning nearly 20% of the users who saw the title and thumbnail image clicked on the video, he said.

In an interview with Business Insider, Reed Duchscher, the president of the digital media agency Night Media, said that using keywords like “24-hours,” “slime,” and “challenge” in a video’s title is a popular technique for driving views – and a recent study from the Pew Research Center found that videos with keywords like “prank” or “Fortnite” in the title receive five times the views as videos without those words.

Duchscher is heavily involved in Arsement and his wife’s YouTube channels and said that this strategy is one way creators get their videos promoted to the trending page on YouTube.

“The roller coasters of YouTube, from when you upload a good piece of content, to when you don’t, is extremely stressful,”Arsement said. “It will really weigh on you if you get into the numbers too much.”

For more about the YouTube star Preston Arsement, check out the full interview on Business Insider Prime:

YouTube creator Preston Arsement has built a 24-person business and gained 10 million subscribers. He told us how.


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