Walmart’s push into healthcare, SoftBank’s struggles, and why FedEx dumped Amazon

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Walmart’s push into healthcare, SoftBank’s struggles, and why FedEx dumped Amazon

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What’s going on at WeWork?

The coworking company could now go public with a valuation of as little as $10 billion, down from a private market valuation of $47 billion. Here’s our latest:

  • Now WeWork wants to be a manufacturer. The coworking company is opening a 200,000-square-foot New Jersey plant to make its signature aluminum and glass walls.
  • WeWork is preparing to move into this massive, flashy Brooklyn building as its IPO plans crumble. We took a look inside.
  • WeWork is doing increasing amounts of business with SoftBank, which is also its biggest investor
  • The history of WeWork’s meteoric valuation rise — and fall

The WeWork debacle is a black eye for SoftBank. As Troy Wolverton reports, venture investors still aren’t sure what to make of the $100 billion Vision Fund. Depending on who you ask, they’re either rooting for it, or gleeful that it’s struggling with WeWork and Uber.

Finance and Investing

Goldman Sachs is offering buyouts to encourage partners to leave as CEO David Solomon works to shrink one of the most elite clubs on Wall Street

Goldman Sachs is offering buyouts to encourage partners to leave as CEO David Solomon looks to shrink the firm’s most senior ranks and restore some exclusivity to one of Wall Street’s most prestigious titles.

Meet the 8 Blackstone dealmakers who insiders say are the firm’s future

It seems the Blackstone Group, with more than half a trillion in assets, owns just about everything. Whether you’re spending a night in a hotel or just going to the office, there’s a good chance you’re inhabiting space owned, at least in part, by Blackstone.

D.E. Shaw is going to trial over the sale of a litigation finance portfolio company, shining a light on a side-pocket deal at the secretive hedge fund firm

An ongoing legal battle between the high-powered hedge fund D.E. Shaw and a former executive of a portfolio company is shining light on the difficulty of valuing private companies.

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The CEO of NetApp talks about moving to the cloud, transforming the business, and the lessons he learned from his twin brother — who happens to be the CEO of Google Cloud

Growing up in India, George Kurian and his twin brother Thomas enjoyed playing pranks at home and in school by taking advantage of the fact that they look so much alike.

Meet the 14 power players of IBM, playing key roles in CEO Ginni Rometty’s bid to dominate the $1 trillion hybrid cloud market — and a few who might take over for her one day

IBM was once the undisputed star of enterprise tech — the company that sold the hardware and software running many of the business world’s computer networks.

Insiders say once-buzzy Quartz is on track to lose money again this year as it faces a subscription shortfall

Quartz, a quirky but admired business news startup, made headlines in July 2018 when it sold for $86 million to a Japanese media company.

Healthcare, Retail, Transportation

3 VCs in the hottest area of healthcare explain where they’re placing their next bets

Venture-capital firms are increasingly betting that the future of healthcare is high-tech.But what type of tech, exactly?

FedEx is pivoting to e-commerce. A C-suiter explained to us how the delivery giant is doing it differently than everyone else —and what’s behind dumping Amazon.

FedEx made waves in the industry recently for dumping Amazon as a partner. To learn more, Business Insider asked Brie Carere, who is FedEx’s chief marketing and communications officer. She’s been at FedEx for more than 18 years.

Walmart exec Andy Dunn says he’s worried that the ‘music’s about to stop’ for a bunch of retail startups

When it comes to startups, Andy Dunn has been on both sides of the table.


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