How to change your Apple Watch name on an iPhone, so your Apple Watch is easier to identify

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How to change your Apple Watch name on an iPhone, so your Apple Watch is easier to identify

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Just like your iPhone, iPad, and AirPods, Apple gives your Apple Watch a friendly name — usually including your own name — that makes it easy to identify it from another device, such as if you use the Find My app to try to locate it.

You might want to customize this name though, especially if there’s more than one Apple Watch in your family, so you can more easily tell them apart.

Your Apple Watch’s name appears in a number of places, including the Find My app.
Dave Johnson/Business Insider

You can do this from the Apple Watch app on your iPhone. Here’s how.

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How to change your Apple Watch name

1. Start the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.

2. If you’re not already on the My Watch tab, tap “My Watch” at the bottom of the screen.

Make sure you are on the My Watch tab in the Apple Watch app.
Dave Johnson/Business Insider

3. Tap “General.”

4. Tap “About.”

5. Tap “Name.”

Tap your watch’s name on the About page.
Dave Johnson/Business Insider

6. Now you can change the name to anything you like. When you’re done, you can either tap the Enter key on the keyboard or tap “About” to go back to the previous page. Your watch will be automatically updated with the new name.

Use the keyboard to enter whatever name you want to use to refer to your Apple Watch.
Dave Johnson/Business Insider

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