Interior design startup Modsy uses 3D models to let you see furniture in your space before you buy it — here’s how it helped me make the most of my small apartment

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Interior design startup Modsy uses 3D models to let you see furniture in your space before you buy it — here’s how it helped me make the most of my small apartment

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A Modsy 3D model of a living room, complete with shoppable items and the ability to edit the layout and products.

  • Modsy is a service that makes 3D models of the rooms you want to decorate based on pictures you send and its basic dimensions.
  • The company’s interior designers will create two versions of the room, decorated with furniture from popular home stores that you can actually buy through Modsy, and which match your tastes and budget specifically. 
  • For as low as $49 (but typically $199), you’ll get two draft designs of your space, plus two updates from your designer and communication with them via email.
  • For $129 (typically $299), you’ll get more features, like one-on-one time with a designer via email or phone and unlimited rounds of updates to your two original drafts.
  • I’ve used Modsy for my last two apartments, and I recommend it to anyone who can comfortably afford the service. You can see what my bedroom redesign process was like with Modsy.

If you’ve ever bought a piece of furniture online and realized only after the setup that it either didn’t fit the space physically or aesthetically, you can already name at least one time when you would have benefited from a service like Modsy.

Modsy is an online company that lets you upload photos and dimensions of any room and then creates a 3D model, complete with recommendations from an interior designer on how to fill it using furniture from popular home-decor and furniture stores. If you’ve already got a nightstand or bed frame, you can pay $15 and Modsy will make a 3D model of it as well, so you truly never have to wonder about what something will look like once put together. You also don’t need to crawl around your house with a tape measurer. 

The furniture the Modsy designers use is all chosen to fit your preferences. If you’re not sure if you like “traditional” or “urban” design, as I wasn’t, or if your style has changed over the years, as mine had, there’s a quiz you can take to help identify what you like.

Once you get your designs, you can then buy anything from your model at a discount through Modsy, which matches the lowest advertised price on the day you place your order, including any applicable sales and promotions. So, you could save on top of sales at other retailers and potentially pay for the service itself with the discount.

There are four pricing options, with most shoppers probably deciding between the first three. The Luxe option will be the closest resemblance to traditionally hiring an interior designer for your home.

Modsy package options and pricing

Screen Shot 2019 10 03 at 5.34.06 PM

I chose the Premium option so I could have unlimited updates from my designer.

My experience with Modsy

I’ve used Modsy twice — once immediately after college, and again for the apartment I moved into immediately after that one. In my experience, the value is definitely worth the price. The 3D designs are extremely helpful and also allow me to be more creative with my space.

The first time I used Modsy, I was moving to a new place after college and wanted to take furniture shopping more seriously, but didn’t have a natural gift for interior design. I could appreciate when things looked put-together, and I knew what I liked, but being on the other side of things is never easy, particularly with the visualization (which Modsy takes care of for me). Not being able to imagine all of the furniture, light fixtures, and rugs together also had me buying more basic furniture simply so that I would know it would go together. Modsy allowed me more freedom and creativity. 

The second time around, it helped me find a way to blend my past taste (mid-century modern) and furniture with my new taste (eclectic). It also helped me become better at visualizing the possibilities elsewhere in my home, even without using Modsy again on those areas.

Screen Shot 2019 10 02 at 3.17.36 PM


In terms of price, I find the unlimited drafts with a designer help justify the higher price of the premium option. If you’re indecisive, it’s probably worth splurging. If you’re only looking for a few tweaks, you can get by with the cheaper tier. 

Even if you can’t afford all the items Modsy uses to fill your space (although they do customize the selection to your budget), it’s still a great way to get ideas from experts at an affordable price. I pay a lot in rent so that I can enjoy where I live, and I felt like Modsy was a valuable tool as an extension of that. ke the most out of my apartment and made sure I did so without wasting money on furniture I would later hate.

If you’re moving and don’t have the mind of an interior designer but want to love your space, I can’t recommend the service highly enough.

Try Modsy, starting at $49

Keep reading for a full breakdown of what it’s like to use Modsy.


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