We analyzed how many seasons Netflix gives its originals before canceling them and there’s a clear trend (NFLX)

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We analyzed how many seasons Netflix gives its originals before canceling them and there’s a clear trend (NFLX)

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  • Business Insider analyzed the original series that Netflix has canceled to see how many seasons each show was given before getting the axe. 
  • Only about a dozen Netflix originals lasted for more than three seasons. The majority ended after two or three.
  • Most recently, Netflix announced final seasons for “Dear White People” and “BoJack Horseman.”
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After about two seasons, get ready to part ways with your favorite Netflix shows. 

Only about a dozen Netflix originals have streamed for more than three seasons before being canceled, according to Business Insider’s analysis of series that Netflix has announced final seasons for through October 2.

We combed through Netflix’s original series — excluding mini-series like “Alias Grace,” shows like “Better Call Saul” that Netflix licenses the first-run rights to, and series that were picked up mid-run like “Lucifer” — to see how many seasons each original was given before getting the axe.

Most survived only for two or three seasons, like Netflix’s Marvel series, “Sense8,” and “The OA.” Some, like “Tuca & Bertie” and “Everything Sucks!,” were canceled after a single season. Most recently, Netflix said it would end “Dear White People” after four seasons.

Netflix cancelled shows

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Some Netflix shows have had longer lifespans.

They include:

  • “Grace and Frankie,” which will be the longest-running Netflix show, by number of episodes, when its seventh and final season runs in January
  • “Orange Is the New Black,” which ended in July after seven seasons
  • “BoJack Horseman,” which will end with its upcoming sixth season
  • “House of Cards,” which aired its sixth and final season last November
  • “Fuller House,” which streams its fifth and final season later this year

Still, some shows on broadcast networks like NBC, Fox, and ABC, by contrast, have gone on for 10 seasons or more. “The Simpsons” has been on the air for more than 30 seasons; “Law and Order: SVU” is in its 21st season; and “Grey’s Anatomy” is in its 16th, to name a few of the longest-running hows on US TV. 

Netflix has only been releasing originals since 2013 (not including “Lilyhammer,” which Netflix streamed exclusively in North America starting in 2012). It would have been difficult for any of its originals to match the runs of those on broadcast TV at this stage.

The streaming service, which doesn’t sell advertising, also benefits more from new shows that bring in additional sign ups to the service, than ongoing series that could command hefty advertising rates.

Long-running series aren’t always valuable to Netflix for other reasons as well. Netflix series that have not broken out by season three usually don’t have much more room for growth in subsequent seasons, Deadline reported. The streaming company leans toward shorter seasons for a similar reason: its data indicates that 10 episodes per season is an ideal number of people to consume, the publication reported.

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