How to move apps on your Samsung Galaxy S10’s homescreen or Apps screen

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How to move apps on your Samsung Galaxy S10’s homescreen or Apps screen

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  • You can move apps on a Samsung Galaxy S10 by tapping and holding the icon until it starts to wiggle.
  • When it starts to wiggle, if you move the icon you can reposition it on the current page. If you continue to hold it, it’ll make a copy on the Home screen.   
  • Moving apps on your Galaxy S10 is a great way to customize your homescreen and Apps screen, so your most used apps are right where you need them.
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Your Samsung Galaxy S10 won’t feel like “home” until you’ve rearranged the app icons to suit your needs and preferences. 

After all, why settle for the default arrangement when you can easily put your favorite apps on the homescreen, and organize the Apps screen just the way you like? 

You can move apps on your Galaxy S10 with a simple gesture. Here’s how.

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How to move apps on a Samsung Galaxy S10

Moving, arranging, and managing app icons all starts with a single gesture: Tap and hold the app for about a second. But what you do next depends on how you want to interact with the app.

Place an app on the homescreen

Tap and hold an app on the Apps screen. If you keep your finger on the icon, after a moment it’ll appear on the homescreen for fast and easy access. 

The app hasn’t really “moved” — a copy of the app is now on the Home screen, but you can still find the app where it used to be on the Apps screen as well. 

If you do this to an app that’s already on the homescreen, it’ll simply open the app icon menu.

apps 1

Tap and hold an app to put it on the homescreen.
Dave Johnson/Business Insider

Move an app on the App or Home screen 

Tap and hold an app, but the moment that it starts to wiggle, move it by dragging your finger away. You can position the app icon anywhere on the page. 

If you drop it on top of another icon, you’ll create a folder that contains both icons. You can then drag and drop additional apps into that folder as well.

apps 2

Tap and then move an app as soon as it starts to wiggle to reposition it on the current page.
Dave Johnson/Business Insider

See the app icon menu 

Tap and hold an app, but the moment it starts to wiggle, release it. You’ll see a pop-up menu appear, with options to add it to the homescreen, uninstall the app (if it can be uninstalled), and more. 

apps 3

Hold and release an app to see the menu.
Dave Johnson/Business Insider

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